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VITA :: 
Fabian Fiechter (*1980) is a Freelance Photojournalist based in Lörrach, Germany close to
Basel Switzerland. Beside his long experience in Intensive Care Nursing he decided to become a
Photojournalist in 2010. Since then he is studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at
University of Applied Science and Arts in Hannover and Danish School of Media and Journalism in
Aarhus. In the center of his work always stands the human and the relationship to his reality. His
aim is to create stories about people and not about a subject, regarding a humanistic point of
view. He is represented by "Agency Focus" since 2016 and a member of the "Cartel Collective". 
Fabian is working for Media and NGOs like Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung,
VolkswagenStiftung and Doctors of the World. 

2016 71st College Photographer of the Year, Bronze Portrait Category
2016 Eddie Adams Workshop, XXIX in New York, USA
2015 Nominated for the "PR-Picture award" best Portrait in Hamburg

2017 "Weiss in Weiss" at St. Elisabethen Krankenhaus Lörrach, Germany 
2016 "Weiss in Weiss" at "MAZ" Journalist School Luzern, Switzerland. 
2016 "Weiss in Weiss" at "Bellevue Ort für Fotografie Basel, Switzerland 
2016 "Touchable, Dastagears Tale" "Vom Aufhören und Weitermachen" at GAF Eisfabrik Hanover
2015 „Touchable – Indias Burden with Leprosy“ DAHW - Photoexhibition at the city hall, Würzburg     
2014 „Gold Diver“ at 4th Lumix Festival für Jungen Fotojournalismus  Hannover                      
2014 „Gold Diver“ at Visa pour l‘Image "Visa Off" Perpignan, France                       
2013 „Gold Diver“ at „Promenades Photographiques de Vendôme“, France
2011 „Mit Wurzeln in der Türkei - In Hannover zuhause“ at City Hall, Hannover    
2008 „Heimat“ at "Museum für Gestaltung an der Lyss" Basel, Schwitzerland 

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